Summer Skin

Everything seems to get a little nicer when the sun comes out. Summertime usually means longer days, more time spent at the beach and, for some, a much-awaited vacation. But just because summer can be a time for rest and relaxation doesn’t mean you should take a break from caring for your skin. 
We know, a lot of skin products do not get along with the sun. So, what do you do? Resort to only using SPF and neglect your skin care routine? Absolutely not. Well, yes, always use SPF, but do NOT neglect your skin. Maybe you’re thinking, “Yeah, I know that. But if a treatment can’t handle sun exposure, then what am I supposed to do?”

Well, we have some good news for those who love the sun as much as their skin. 

"Enjoy the best of both worlds with Kleresca
® "

Kleresca® Skin Treatments do not create photosensitivity! What does that mean exactly? Well, it means you can treat your skin all year-round, even during summer. Straight from a skin care clinic to the beach. Sounds like a perfect summer afternoon to us. 
The treatments pose no harmful side effects and have little to no downtime. Now you don’t have to choose between enjoying the summer sun and caring for your skin. 

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Skin Care Travel Essentials

Prep for your holiday and leave skin anxiety behind.

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