Breaking down the breakout - why and how hormones play a role in your skin’s appearance

For some, the odd pimple or break out is a common occurrence. For others, it’s a daily struggle. Whether you suffer from severe acne or just the occasional zit we know one thing is certain: you are not at fault. But, then who is to blame? Hormones? A lot of the time, yes, hormones are to blame.


Essentially, when an over production of sebum and overgrowth of skin cells occur in the hair follicle it can clog your pores and lead to break outs. Male hormones called androgens can lead to this over production of sebum and increase oil in your skin, while estrogen (found in contraceptive pills) works to reduce sebum and androgen production. In the week leading up to a woman’s menstrual cycle, androgen levels are higher which can mean more hormonal spotting.  

Even though birth control is used for skin maintenance, it does not address the root cause of acne. Once you stop taking the medication, break outs will return to their regularly scheduling programming – that’s right – appearing when certain hormones are at higher levels. This may also be the reason as to why women who previously did not have issues with acne may experience break outs when they become pregnant.  

While there are a variety of treatments to help with hormonal acne, there are still quite a few side effects. Birth control? Not an option for men, pregnant women, and those with pre-existing medical conditions that do not allow them to use contraceptives. There are other ways to treat hormonal acne, but not all people react positively to these options. For some, retinoids or acids may work for their skin, and oral antibiotics have been known to yield positive results.  However, all of these choices often have pretty severe side effects that range from redness and dry, peeling skin to issues associated with mental health.  

Dealing with hormonal acne is tough and we’re willing to bet you’d try just about anything to get rid of it. Kleresca® patient, Veronique King, felt similarly when she experienced an outbreak of hormonal acne just after giving birth. She tried facials, creams and various other treatments, but nothing seemed to work until her dermatologist introduced her to Kleresca® Acne Treatment. 
If you’re experiencing hormonal acne, remember that you are not alone and that the right treatment for your skin is out there. Would you like that treatment to be effective, but also non-destructive and suitable during summer? Kleresca® may be the right choice for you.   

You no longer have to choose between safety and efficacy, now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with Kleresca®

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